Young lack self-confidence in Japan

Young Japanese lack self-confidence and are pessimistic about the future, as they hold little prospect of higher income according to a new Cabinet Office survey.

Why young lack self-confidence?

High poverty rate

The relative poverty rate of children has been growing. That of single parent families is high. The rate of elementary school, and junior high school students who receive the financial assistance for education is high.

Almost no alternative education

Alternative education like homeschooling is not recognized as a regular course. It is impossible to obtain the qualification for entering a university. Therefore, it is necessary to register for a regular course in part-time or correspondence schools ,or take the certification exam for the recognition of graduation.

Obstacles faced by high school graduates trying to find employment in Japan

Many students in financially difficult situations are unable to pursue further studies or find long-term employment, and end up settling for less stable casual or unofficial positions.

What we do


Holding classes where students meet up and talk with volunteer members of the community

These classes are designed to foster a positive mindset towards the idea of “working” by creating an opportunity to meet trustworthy adults and lowering the stumbling block to communicating with others.

"Igokochi Cafe"(Cozy Cafe)

A program designed to create places within schools where students can feel comfortable and develop a sense of belonging. We hold “Igokochi Cafe” sessions (meals included) at cafeterias in schools on a weekly basis. Social capital will be built by enabling students to meet people on a regular basis.

Live Engine

Providing guidance to finding a place where students work after their graduation. Career guidance in schools, introduction of internships and matching program between students and companies.

・Live Labo

Career guidance in part-time schools

We will open a career guidance room once a week and listen to their needs.

Interacting with over 1,000 students, introducing courses over 40 percents of part-time high schools in Osaka.

How you can help

We provide the programs that help students making various relationships and getting a job.

Your donations enable us to support each youths.



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